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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

“Chinglish” – Hilarious Translations

Weekly 原创 2016-10-05 Spoonhunt Spoonhunt Spoonhunt source: Spoonhunt 微信号 spoonhunt 功能介绍 Discover & explore food around you with menus translated into English all over Asia!       As Spoonhunt brings you translated menu items so you don’t have to guess at every Chinese menu you come across, we’re always looking for funny translations in China. Here are some of the funniest bad translations we found this week. Have some funny Chinglish you want to share? Send us the picture on WeChat! We will pick the best ones each week to post! User Submitted: CHRIS in GUILIN Shmke Your Groove Thmng. Correct translation – 舞蹈室 Dance Studio User Submitted: TOMÁS in SHENZHEN Nothing...

from The Puchi Herald Magazine