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Monday, February 9, 2015

Did the Word Quiz Result From a Bet?

Listen to Lexicon Valley Episode No. 53: LinguaFile VIII

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Why boobs are massive on the red carpet in 2015

The stars are flashing cleavage as if the 1970s never went away – what does this extreme trend mean for the rest of us?

Now that the red-carpet season is in full swing, have any trends emerged so far?

Imogen, by email

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FBI monitored and critiqued African American writers for decades

A new book reveals the extent to which J Edgar Hoover’s bureau kept files on well-known black writers between 1919 and 1972

Newly declassified documents from the FBI reveal how the US federal agency under J Edgar Hoover monitored the activities of dozens of prominent African American writers for decades, devoting thousands of pages to detailing their activities and critiquing their work.

Academic William Maxwell first stumbled upon the extent of the surveillance when he submitted a freedom of information request for the FBI file of Claude McKay. The Jamaican-born writer was a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance, author of the sonnet If We Must Die, supposedly recited by Winston Churchill, and Maxwell was preparing an edition of his complete poems. When the file came through from the FBI, it stretched to 193 pages and, said Maxwell, revealed “that the bureau had closely read and aggressively chased McKay” – describing him as a “notorious negro revolutionary” – “all across the Atlantic world, and into Moscow”.

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Could you go nuclear for this bunker? On auction in Nottinghamshire

Guide price of £75,000 means price meltdown unlikely – main attraction is six-and-a-half acres of land, auctioneers say

The six-and-a-half acres of land are likely to be the main drawer for buyers, but they come with an, almost, hidden extra – a nuclear bunker.

Located four metres below ground in arable fields in Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire, down a narrow opening, the historic building is up for auction at a guide price of £75,000.

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UK police force apologises for taking details of Charlie Hebdo readers

Wiltshire force says it has deleted from its system details of four people who bought copies of magazine from a newsagent

A British police force has apologised after an officer told a newsagent to hand over details of customers who purchased copies of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Wiltshire police confirmed that one of their officers visited a newsagent in Corsham, Wiltshire, to ask for the names of four customers who ordered the commemorative “survivors’ issue” of the magazine.

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Qatari investors to take control of London's Canary Wharf

Sovereign fund set for £2.6bn takeover of Canary Wharf’s owner, meaning Qatar will add docklands to the Shard and other landmarks in its portfolio

Qatari investors are set to secure another piece of London’s skyline after the owner of Canary Wharf admitted defeat in a £2.6bn takeover battle.

The country’s sovereign wealth fund is working with Canadian investor Brookfield Properties to bid for Songbird Estates, which is the majority owner of Canary Wharf Group.

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Leicester’s Nigel Pearson refuses to comment on confusion over his post

• Pearson did not deny rumours that he had been sacked on Sunday

• ‘I have loyalties to the people I work for, my staff and players’

• Pearson clings on to Leicester City job after night of confusion

• Pearson plays down drama after James McArthur touchline tangle

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson has refused to clear up the confusion surrounding his job.

Reports on Sunday evening claimed the 51-year-old had been sacked, with the Foxes bottom of the Barclays Premier League, but the club issued a statement insisting Pearson remained in charge ahead of Tuesday’s trip to Arsenal.

Ah Nigel Pearson is blaming MOTD for making a mountain out of a molehill. We'd best be careful in future, the fella can look after himself.

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How my son battled schizophrenia for a hard-fought draw

‘It’s been a blast,’ Peter said of his life. Yet nothing could have prepared us for the anguish and social isolation his illness would bring

It was 26 years ago – 18 months into my retirement – when my wife and I discharged our son, Peter, from a psychiatric ward for the first time. My lad had just spent a fortnight in a secure mental health ward after he had a severe psychotic episode that had caused him to speak in tongues, shave all his body hair and claim he was the messiah, willing to die for the world’s sins.

Before my son’s release his psychiatrist informed my wife and I that Peter was suffering from schizophrenia. “I must warn you,” said the consultant, “this disease can cause great anguish. However, with proper vigilance, a sufferer’s life can be filled with purpose, accomplishment and happiness.”

We felt like we were sailors on a small skiff that had been caught in a never-ending tempest

In drawings, Peter sketched the demons that plagued his mind when he was imprisoned in the confinement of his illness

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DIY Digital Readout for Wind Vane and Anemometer

I built a digital readout for a surplus wind sensor. Plans and code at the github repo!

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American Voices: Study: Singles Who Use Emojis Have More Sex

According to an annual survey conducted by, people who use emojis were found to have sex more often than those who don’t.

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Editorial Cartoon: Downward Dogged

Downward Dogged

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Discord between immigration bodies weighing on detainees, report says

Mistrust at all levels leading to missed opportunities to improve how mental health issues are dealt with, warns Tavistock Institute

A highly critical official review into mental health issues in immigration removal centres has finally been published a year after it was delivered to the home secretary, Theresa May.

The review by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations says the relationship between the Home Office and those advising detainees and campaigning on their behalf “has all but broken down in some instances”.

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Kanye West says Beck's Grammy award win is 'disrespectful to inspiration'

Despite making peace with Taylor Swift at last night’s Grammys, West has caused another stir with a backstage rant in defence of Beyoncé

Kanye West has explained his decision to disrupt Beck’s acceptance speech after the American indie singer took home the Grammy for Album of the Year.

“Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé,” West said in an interview with E! after the ceremony. “At this point we tired of it because what happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats in music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration.

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Some counties in Alabama begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses – live updates

Venomous eastern brown snake strikes repeatedly at camera in Australia – video

A dramatic video shows the world's second most venomous snake repeatedly striking at a camera in Australia. The footage was filmed by an employee of a pest control company in New South Wales using a camera attached to a three-metre pole. The aggressive eastern brown snake repeatedly coils its body and lunges towards the film-maker, hitting the lens with its fangs on several occasions before slithering away into the bush Continue reading...

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Isis wants to appeal to women, but we can win them over with reason

Though we may be disturbed by Isis’s Manifesto for Women, it also provides a manual for how we fight back in the propaganda war

“The greatness of her position, the purpose of her existence is the divine duty of motherhood.” Thus proclaims the Manifesto for Women, an unofficial document uploaded last week to a “jihadi” forum by the al-Khanssaa Brigade, an all-female group organised by the Islamic State (Isis). This manifesto was intended as a DIY book for millennial Muslim women wishing to become part of Isis. It’s chock-full of valuable information about how women can live properly as Muslims – handy tidbits like why marrying at nine years old is OK, why women shouldn’t work outside the home or wear modern fashions, and how a woman’s function is essentially to help create more potential martyrs for the “holy caliphate”.

Despite the disturbing wave of western women heading to Syria and the high profiles attached to female extremists like the Jordanian prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi or Charlie Hebdo accomplice Hayat Boumeddiene, many still have a hard time believing that young Muslim women, and especially those born in the west, would find any part of this manifesto attractive. What woman would choose to live without freedom, dignity and options?

Related: Female jihadis publish guide to life under Islamic State

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Folio prize shortlist shows literary novel is far from dead, says head judge

William Fiennes contradicts recent claims about the demise of fiction – insisting writers are finding new ways of telling stories

Reports that the literary novel might be dead, or at least in steady decline, are wide of the mark, the judging chairman of the Folio prize has said as he announced a shortlist of eight writers for the award, including Ali Smith and Colm Tóibín.

William Fiennes said on Monday he had been struck by how many novelists were “reaching out for new ways of telling stories” and experimenting with form – evidence surely that the novel was “flourishing with life”.

These books all say something true about human experience in a way that feels like something new

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Litvinenko inquiry told of mysterious break-in at Mayfair office

Public inquiry into 2006 murder of the Russian spy continues at the high court in London

A London office where two Russians first tried to poison Alexander Litvinenko was the scene of an unexplained break-in, just weeks before the bungled assassination attempt, a public inquiry into the 2006 murder has heard.

In the two years before his death, Litvinenko worked for a series of private security companies doing business in Russia. He was a frequent visitor to one of them, Erinys International. During the same period, Litvinenko also had an undercover job working as a “consultant” for MI6, the British secret intelligence service.

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Zimbabwe defends plan to sell 27 elephants to China

Officials send experts to assess suitability of Chinese zoos as conservationists condemn plan to export wild elephants

Zimbabwe has defended its plan to export 27 live elephants to China, saying it has sent experts to assess the suitability of the Chinese zoos they are destined for.

A Zimbabwean ambassador also said that the sale of the elephants is needed to raise funds for conservation efforts, echoing earlier comments by officials at the country’s cash-strapped Hwange national park.

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Egyptian PM dismisses alleged Sisi recordings

Tapes are claimed to show president demanding that Gulf states pay aid straight into Egyptian army’s coffers

Egypt’s prime minister has dismissed the credibility of recordings that allegedly show the president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, demanding that Cairo’s Gulf benefactors pay their aid straight into the Egyptian army’s coffers.

In unverified recordings supposedly of Sisi and his chief of staff, Abbas Kamel, the man said to be Sisi says Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s most generous donor, should pay $10bn (£6.5bn) directly into the army’s account, circumventing the rest of the Egyptian state.

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Armed with faith: meet the God Squad working to end gun violence in Brooklyn

Since 2010, the ‘clergy response team’ has been walking the streets to deliver healing and bridge the gap between the community and police

It’s a bitter cold morning in late January and pastor Gilford Monrose has forgotten his hat. Monrose is the president of the 67th Precinct Clergy Council, and he’s preparing to lead a crew of men and women of the cloth on an outreach mission to talk to East Flatbush residents about the central problem that plagues their hood: its epidemic levels of gun violence.

The brightly colored “clergy response team” jackets issued by the city to the “God Squad”, as they are mostly known, were not designed for New York’s winter, but the team, which is made up of baptist ministers, episcopalian ministers, seventh day adventists and at least one rabbi, brave the cold regardless.

Only in communities of color do you need liaisons between the cops and the locals

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Women will be flocking to see Fifty Shades – but I’d rather polish the silver

It is marvellous that women can watch porn if they wish, but the last thing I want to gaze at is other people’s genitalia

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the Fifty Shades of Grey film is coming out, which makes February feel a bit frenzied to me, as if the whole country is at it like weasels, but it is not. In fact, I hear that in the UK, France and the US, the frequency of sex is decreasing. What a surprise! It’s apparently down from five to three times a month.

What a relief for those who find the whole business rather arduous. It is such a chore forever keeping up with the Joneses, but as usual, you get rid of one obligation and another pops up. More women are apparently staring at pornography, and it’s mainly women who will be flocking to see Fifty Shades. I hope this doesn’t mean we all have to pretend to be going with the flow, because I find it frightfully embarrassing. Mr Darcy emerging from the lake is about my limit. The last thing I want to gaze at is other people’s genitalia. It seems rather an odd thing to do.

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People have changed the color of Yellowstone’s Morning Glory thermal spring by throwing things in it

Via Science Friday. For decades, visitors have been captivated by the burst of yellow and green that characterizes Morning Glory thermal spring at Yellowstone National Park. But it hasn’t always looked this way. Using biological, chemical, and optical data, scientists have constructed a mathematical model that simulates how the spring looks now, and how it […]

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Flite Test reviews DJI Inspire 1

Josh and Eric go over their first impressions of the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter. Read more in our writeup here: Welcome to drone day on the Adafruit blog. Every Monday we deliver the latest news, products and more from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), quadcopter and drone communities. Drones can be used for video […]

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Assassin’s Creed Shay Cormac Costume

In Assassin’s Creed, Shay Cormac was a member of the Templar Order. His costume is similar to others in the video game – long coat, tall boots, and so many straps. Cosplayer Angelus of The Neo Tokyo Project started working on the costume in October of last year. After cutting out the pattern, the cloth […]

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Flite Test Aerial Videography Tips

Eric and Josh share some basic tips for capturing great aerial photography with your multi-rotor! More details in the write up here: Welcome to drone day on the Adafruit blog. Every Monday we deliver the latest news, products and more from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), quadcopter and drone communities. Drones can be used for […]

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Robert Walters posted a job you might be interested in

Robert Walters

Benelux Operations Manager

Antwerp Area, Belgium, BE - Automotive, Financial Services

Our client, a global player in automotive financing, is looking for an Operation Manager for Benelux (m/f) to join company’s office in Antwerp.

The Operation Manager will be responsible for:

  • Developing and closing sales in commercial business;

  • Liaising effectively with the Account Managers;

  • Achieving targets in line with the national business plan;

  • Providing advice to the retailers on how to optimise their financial management and results;

  • Visiting dealers and other relevant parties as required (but this is not a travelling sales job);

  • Completing required analysis. Preparing all documents associated with loan proposals;

  • Completing Dealer Reviews for overflow and retention of knowledge purpose;

  • Approving certain loans and ensuring a speedy approval process;

  • Leading and managing the wholesale office and field team;

  • Ensuring that audits are issued and cleared in a timely manner in accordance with company policies;

  • Taking a pro-active approach to any potential loss situation.

Attractive salary package.

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Ericsson posted a job you might be interested in


Senior IP Networks and Services Solution Architect

Stockholm County, Sweden, SE - Telecommunications

Req ID: 57048

Ericsson a World leader:

Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment & services to mobile & fixed network operators. Over 1,000 networks in more than 180 countries use Ericsson equipment, & more than 40 percent of the world's mobile traffic passes through Ericsson networks. Using innovation to empower people, business & society, we are working towards the Networked Society, in which everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected. At Ericsson, we apply our innovation to market-based solutions that empower people & society to help shape a more sustainable world.

We are truly a global company, working across borders in 175 countries, offering a diverse, performance-driven culture & an innovative & engaging environment where employees enhance their potential every day. Our employees live our vision, core values & guiding principles. They share a passion to win & a high responsiveness to customer needs that in turn makes us a desirable partner to our clients. To ensure professional growth, Ericsson offers a stimulating work experience, continuous learning & growth opportunities that allow you to acquire the knowledge & skills necessary to reach your career goals.

Job Summary:

We are seeking a Solution Architect with a proven track record in supporting technical sales of complex IP Networks and Services Solutions to Service Providers as well as new customer segments within the ICT industry. You will report directly to the Head of Solution Development, Engagement Practices Fixed Broadband and Convergence. In this role you will play a key role in driving technical sales in the IP/Cloud/SDN/NFV market segment in the region covering the Nordic and Baltics countries.

As Solution Architect within IP Networks and Services you will be responsible for establishing relationships with technical key influencers as well as decision makers and manage the entire sales process from the technical side within the area of IP and Broadband product and solution sales. You will be placed at the center of activities, entailing a high level of interaction with our other regions, Product Units as well as Customer, Technical, Marketing and Business Development teams.

We expect you to promote and establish Ericsson’s position as a key player in the IP Networks and Services market segment building from Ericsson’s expertise as the global leader in Mobile Communication. Together with the Key Account team you will identify and drive opportunities for IP Transport, Cloud, SDN, BRAS/BNG, Mobile Backhaul, Policy Control and Value-added Services.

  • Driving and supporting the technical sales process and lead the designing of comprehensive and complex technical solutions addressing the customers and their needs.

  • In agreement with the KAM, initiating proactive customer engagements with existing and prospective customers.

  • Drive up-sell and add-on opportunities during the entire process in order to contribute to increased sales volumes.

  • Providing full product line specifications and maintain good knowledge of the complete IP and Broadband products and solution offerings.

  • Maintaining knowledge of key competitor’s product, solutions and future direction.

  • Representing the Key Account on technical matters towards the Product Units.

  • Facilitating resources as needed to close large opportunities.


  • 4-7 years of experience in the networking industry, preferably with a vendor or a service provider.

  • Bachelors or Master Degree required. Technical Degree and/or MBA considered a merit.

  • Thorough understanding of IP/MPLS networks, Subscriber Management, Mobile Backhaul, L2/L3 services, OAM, Quality of Service, Synchronization, IPv6 Transition, Policy Control.

  • Understanding of Fixed-Mobile Convergence, Microwave and xWDM techniques, SDH and OTN Transmission.

  • Understanding of Services planning, roll-out and operation principles.

  • Experience in SDN/NFV Solutions within any domain, with understanding of openflow and openstack.

  • Technical Certification like CCNA, CCNP, JNCA, JNCP, Ericsson ETCP IP Networks Professional, ALU MRP/3RP. CCIE, JNIE, ALU SNR considered a merit.

  • Planning and design engineering with hands-on experience in IP Networks area considered a merit.

  • Strong background in product solutions/consultative sales approach and process with ability to translate business needs to end to end technical solutions.

  • Understanding of the Network Service Provider challenges and end-user needs.

  • Strong ability to work in a complex global environment, effectively building and sustaining relationships with the customer as well as internally.

  • Strong team player whom easily integrates in an existing team.

  • Open, winning and go-getter attitude, organized, structured and good presenter.

  • Proactive, self-motivating with a good grasp of the key business drivers

  • Willing and available to travel frequently in the region

  • Fluent English

Trust – Innovation - Performance: These are the core values that define Ericsson reputation and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.

Ericsson celebrates diversity and inclusion together with flexibility and international mobility. You are valued for the strengths and knowledge you bring – for the person you are. You get the support you need, so you dare to do more.

A connected world is just the beginning. Your passion determines what comes next! Come and discover what makes YOU + ERICSSON a powerful combination


The position is based in Stockholm.

Please submit your application in English as soon as possible - we are working continuously with candidate selection. Application end date is 5th of April.

For specific questions please reach out to

Primary country and city: Sweden (SE) || Stockholm || Stockholm || IT; R&D

No salary provided

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CA Technologies posted a job you might be interested in

CA Technologies

Associate Inside Sales Account Manager - German

Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic, CZ - Information Technology and Services

As an Associate Inside Sales Account Manager, you will be responsible for learning inside sales techniques in order to successfully support our clients’ accounts. In this position, you will present compelling business value propositions and ultimately work with Account Managers/Account Directors and Presales team to close the deal. This is an entry level sales position in which you will learn CA’s business and develop mastery of sales skills for success and career development.

This role is also suitable for fresh graduates or early in career candidates who want to start their career in Software Sales.


• Collaborate closely with Account Managers and the Presales team to initiate conversations and demonstrations with prospects.

• Support company growth by meeting or exceeding revenue quota goals on monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

• Show resilience in driving demand through focused e-mail and phone campaigns, webcasts, social media venues, and other demand generation activities.

• Cultivate leads by assessing the opportunity, communicating the value propositions for the customer, and following up in a timely manner.

• Understand and work in all aspects of the sales cycle including: prospecting, qualifying, presenting, leading demonstrations and working with your Account Manager to close the business.

• Build and maintain relationships with key executives and decision makers.

• Maintain a positive curiosity and can-do attitude.

• Demonstrate thought leadership with customers and stay ahead of the industry trends by contributing to social media sites i.e. twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

• Learn to minimize competitive loss.


• Be proactive, friendly and well spoken

• Flexible with good organization skills and develop effective time management and organization skills

• Possess a natural ability to network and build lasting business relationships

• Display excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Native level of German + fluent English

• Self-starter and demonstrate a can-do attitude

• Have a working knowledge of the industry and relevant marketplace

• Learn to establish accurate plans and forecasts, prioritize efforts, generate short term results and hold a long term perspective to maximize overall company growth

• Work with your internal network successfully

• Have a passion for meeting or exceeding goals

If you want to fulfill your potential, be acknowledged for your achievements, and be given autonomy to make decisions for your business and customers; if you want to work with a company that respects you as an individual - recognizing both your needs at work and your responsibilities outside of it - then CA Technologies is where you belong.

At CA Technologies your passion and expertise can directly impact the business and you’ll help offer our customers practical approaches to delivering new, innovative services and value through IT.

Learn more about CA Technologies and this opportunity now at

Note to Recruiters and Placement Agencies: CA Technologies does not accept unsolicited agency resumes. Please do not forward unsolicited agency resumes to our website or to any CA Technologies employee. CA Technologies will not pay fees to any third party agency or firm and will not be responsible for any agency fees associated with unsolicited resumes. Unsolicited resumes received will be considered property of CA Technologies and will be processed accordingly.


No salary provided

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IBM posted a job you might be interested in


Package Solution Consultant - Siebel Configuration

Egypt, EG - Computer Software, Information Technology and Services, Management Consulting

Be a Package Solution Consultant at IBM. You won't just be solving IT problems, you'll be working with our top-tier clients to help them meet their business needs through innovative solutions. You'll be a trusted advisor, helping our clients make better, informed decisions. How? Using in-depth consulting skills, business knowledge, and packaged solution expertise, you'll work directly with clients to select, implement, support and effectively integrate IBM's world-class packaged technology solutions into their diverse business environments.

At IBM, you'll get experience with projects that span the globe, and work with the world's largest experienced services skill pool, in more than 170 countries worldwide. Join us.

Interested in learning more about IBM? Check out the "" IBM Global Careers newsletter.


  • Bachelor's Degree

  • English: Fluent

IBM is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

No salary provided

Posted February 09, 2015 at 04:26PM from LinkedIn