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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Verizon posted a job you might be interested in


Senior Workforce Analyst
NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines, PH - Telecommunications

At Verizon, we’re looking for Senior Workforce Analyst. This position is responsible for operating the Resource Management Command Center.  The Senior Workforce Analyst will be responsible for service level management of all Verizon workgroups.  The teams’ responsibilities include information management, resource optimization and business continuity.

Duties and responsibilities will include, but not limited to:


Strategic Analysis

  • Make decisions regarding staffing levels and ensuring that they are made and implemented immediately and positively impact the ability to achieve service level goals

  • Analyze service levels and contact customers with recommended adjustments to staffing levels when change is indicated

  • Provide SL and staffing updates regularly

  • Analyze Enterprise-wide performance metrics including platform maintenance and after the fact analysis and make recommendations for change as appropriate Manage/track impactors to quantify CIR impact

  • Utilize forecasts and historical data to make key business recommendations and decisions

  • Weather monitoring and communication

  • Manage overtime requirements

  • Monitor service/system outages and impacts and mitigate issues accordingly

  • Be proactive, analyze data, and provide solutions to problems



  • Responsible for tracking, analyzing and reporting trends on staffing, service level, AHT, overtime and shrinkage

  • Development and analysis of report information to intraday performance and make recommendations on overtime or shrinkage needs

  • Develop and maintain reporting databases

  • Distribution of reports to internal customers

  • Prepare and create adhoc reporting as requested

Strategic Partnerships

  • Communicate ideas and recommendations to all levels within the organization, using negotiation, persuasion and discretion to achieve objectives. Partner with key stakeholders throughout the organization to drive change

  • Provide recurring communications that include actions to take to ensure SL and KPI goals are achieved

  • Facilitate and/or attend recurring meetings to provide overviews and updates

  • Provide reporting to assist customers with improving metrics

  • Develop partnerships with internal customers, ensure all team members do the same

  • Communication and alerts text messages

No salary provided

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