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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent posted a job you might be interested in


NLT Test Engineer
Bengaluru Area, India, IN - Telecommunications

 Description for the role

In this role he will be  responsible  for testing Femtocell Solution in E2E 3G/4G  Network . The testing areas comprises of  doing E2E Network Integration, Functional regression, Call Processing & OAM feature testing, E2E KPI measurements, Capacity & Stability testing, System Upgrades & System Resiliency / Redundancy testing. Debugging of complex issues in the lab and field will also be part . Basic test planning , writing them , creating CRs and follow-ups.  Reviews of feature requirements, Customer documentation and provide comments to them .

The ideal candidate should possess a strong technical background and a good understanding of Femtocell technology and or WCDMA /4G   technology . Has a good root cause analysis skill, which would be required during execution of the feature testing . We have E2E network setup with all the Femto gateways , core network etc .


Be a point of contact for a certain NE  and do all the necessary activities like upgrades, configurations and testing/debugging the issues at NET/NLT level.  As an NLT Engineer, he has to test features ( both new and regression of already existing) in NE’s such as BSG and IPC. Also will be involved in configuration of different elements like Brick, ALSMS, AAA, DHCP Server, and DNS etc. As a part of FEMTO NLT, preparing test plans for  OAM/CP  feature and regression test plan. Executing the test cases and update the status in QC and DCT. Performing  SCMS /SAM  and HDM installation. Raise as many possible CRS for all OAM related issues. Interact with development team to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Provide support to the team member for resolving there issue and as well as for SCMS/SAM and HDM .


 Key Responsibilities Area :


  • He would be able to prepare test environment, including monitoring equipment for doing the feature tests .
  • Should be able to conceptualize the test case around the given requirement / feature and convert them into suitable test plan and test cases .
  • Should be able to analyze, troubleshoot the problem found during test execution and isolate the problem. Create suitable CRs and follow-up with developers to get appropriate fixes . And update QC/DCT promptly .
  • Execute test cases and provide results/reports on regular basis . Should adhere the timelines provided by the project .
  • Need to support the GPS /TI /Customer Documentation  teams and Customer if required .
  • Finishing the test plans as per dates planned. ( only if the release load was proper )

No salary provided

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