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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Women don’t like public speaking? Small wonder

Female voices must assert themselves but not in a way that echoes the boorish bellows of macho debate

The spectacle of Ed Miliband in preposterous, hell yes mode, thrusting forward to assure high-ranking male Jeremy Paxman that he said no, righ’, he stood up to the leader of the free world, righ’, let me tell you, let me tell you righ’, appears to have convinced some waverers, maybe as many as 58%, that he might, after all, be virile enough to be our leader.

A Channel 4 studio audience, already warming to Miliband’s transformation from little tailor to snarling Putin aggressor, actually applauded his alpha moment. Encouraging as this is for Miliband and his strategists, it may dismay many of the people who had previously cherished his marked dissimilarity to Jeremy Clarkson, and depress aspiring women politicians for whom male dominance displays – hell yes I’m tough enough, let me tell you righ’, etc – may feel both strained and, in their case, electorally unpromising.

Women are more frightened of only two other things: losing a family member and being buried alive

The tendency is, with the shadow of Boris looming over us, for ever louder, more fluent, more exhibitionist politicians

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