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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The tiger at the bar: QC who helped win the fight to see Charles’s letters

After a whirlwind week in which she beat attempts to conceal royal communications, the ‘formidable’ Dinah Rose QC shows no signs of slowing

Pivoting forward over a barrister’s lectern, flexing confidently on her toes, Dinah Rose QC invariably demonstrates absolute command of the courtroom. There is no undue deference to judges – even in the supreme court. Her winning appearance for the Guardian in the case of Prince Charles’s secret letters is the latest in a series of legal victories over government secrecy that have elevated her public profile. Rose’s knowledge of the UN’s little-known Aarhus convention, on the public’s right to environmental information, proved significant in the case.

It’s been a busy week for her: triumph over the attorney general’s attempt to conceal royal communications, defeat in the court of appeal over cuts to criminal solicitors’ contracts, an employment tribunal hearing, a Gibraltar gambling case and consultations with clients. Her powers of analysis and ability to seize on resonant detail are in demand.

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