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Saturday, March 28, 2015

How I get ready: Ranulph Fiennes

‘On a trickier climb, some would wear gloves rather than mitts, but it’s best to wear two pairs of mitts so your fingers stay together and don’t get frostbitten’

I am mostly getting ready to climb. When I climbed Everest in 2009, I needed oxygen, climbing boots with crampon spikes, a down jacket and trousers, and windproof outer garments. I had thermal long johns and a vest with sleeves, a hat, a scarf, a thin and a thick pair of socks. Some people wear vapour barrier socks between the thin and thick socks to stop sweat getting into the thick pair.

Normally you are completely clad so there is no part of you that the sun can reach. But, if you don’t have a hat, you need strong sun cream and, because of the glare, glacier glasses or goggles. On long expeditions I have had dreadful chafing, which we call “crotch rot”. We apply powder or E45 to try to stop that.

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