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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Homes: a bungalow transformed

This brick-fronted 70s bungalow was uncompromisingly stark, until one family brought out its softer, lighter side

Rule one of moving to a new area is: get some local knowledge. That’s what Leonieke Kormelink was thinking, anyway, when she described the house they’d found to a friend who, as luck would have it, had grown up in the very same Surrey village. But she got more inside information than she bargained for, “Oh, those houses,” her friend replied blithely. “Everyone used to call them the Toilet Blocks.”

Back in the 70s, Kormelink’s home was one of three that stirred up quite a fuss in leafy Surrey. When they fronted up with identical, uncompromising facades – no windows, only bricks, a solid door and a slab of garage – and not a sniff of mock Tudor beams (a more favoured local vernacular), the brutalist bungalows were deemed as desirable as car park conveniences.

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