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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fat-shaming is as disgusting as any other prejudice

No one would tell an anorexic to get a grip and eat more, so why tell the helpless overweight to eat less?

A new study from University College London found that weight discrimination accounts for about 40% of the harmful psychological effects associated with obesity. Lead author of the study, Dr Sarah Jackson, thinks that the UK should have legislation to protect people against “fat shaming”, similar to our legislation on race and sex. Otherwise, we run the risk of sending out the message that it’s socially acceptable to behave in this way.

I would also ask: isn’t it time there was widespread public recognition of certain types and degrees of obesity as food disorders, which have the potential to be as complex, out of control and pernicious as anorexia? In fact, one would hope that experts in food disorders, who are dealing with everything from anorexia to binge-eating, would find this an odd question and an old one. With any unhealthy relationship with food, there are always psychological issues.

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